We are is a consulting company and provider of global analytical information on financial and primary commodity markets and cover the Ukrainian market, which was founded in 2016.
In the course of active company's business expansion, we were reorganized into hedge fund BARVA INVEST for producers and manufacturers, which currently offers a wide range of services for its clients and flexible individual approaches.
To become a leading hedge fund
in Ukraine
The main activity objective is price risk hedging and products marketing for forward-looking Ukrainian farmers, vertically-integrated agricultural holdings and agricultural products processing units.
Our strategies are innovative and effective, our partnership programs are based on expert market research and long-term experience. BARVA INVEST is a leader in price risk management and reliable marketing strategies.
Marketing Solutions
Management programs, from BARVA INVEST, represent the best choice for farmers to delegate marketing of its products to our professional experts in international trade.
Our transparent and disciplined approach coupled with constant investing in the development of strategies, systems and human resources contribute to your guaranteed and stable investment efficiency.
Feel efficiency gains in financial terms with us. High and stable financial results provide security and confidence in your business success. As of today, BARVA INVEST is the only company in Ukraine that provides services and programs of a kind.
We provide our clients with access to strategies and tools, which were formerly available for global traders only.
BARVA INVEST has an unexceptional system of execution control and management. We will help you to resolve logistic problems and undertake the execution of your export contracts.
Угода користувача
Exceptionally partner status and relation ensure unswerving devotion among our clients.
The maximum profit of our clients and focus on long-term partnership relations form the base of our business model.
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